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The Formal & Material Contrast

As opposed to simply replicating, like a photograph, the artist is issued to elaborate upon the formal (Topographic) and material (Decorative) qualities, though arrives at the obvious dilemma, does one choose a homeostasis somewhere between the two, or side upon intense photo realism concentrate upon abstractness.


The paintings upon this page depict a developing emphasis. They are large scale pieces, which develop from the en situ work. However, where as the en situ paintings encompass an extract of formalness, in that they are very detailed, structured and representational to the scene in question, the resulting works have become more abstracted landscapes.


There is a landscape sentiment, though the shift from formal and accurate portrayal to and manipulation of colour, texture, layers and mark making is clearly evident and creates a landscape which is energised and creates a sense of rhythm, through the variation of mark making and the numerous layers un enveloped.

Sand & Sea 2010
Mowden Ice-cream 2010
Path under Trees 2010
Road Works 2010
Durham Door 2010
Staithes 2010
Haiti Big Wave 2010
Redcar Beach Boat & Tractor 2010
Stokes Cafe 2011
Lincolnshire Canal 2011
Marske 2012
Little Blue Boat 2012
Redcar Beach Boat & Tractor 2012
Staithes 2012
Mablethorpe 2012
The Marshes & the Dunes 2013
Skegness 2013
Skegness 2013

A selection of works from 2010 to 2013

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