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Welcome to the official website of British landscape painter Daniel Goodchild. Here you will find access to the en situ pieces, working outside in the open plein air, creating extremely inquisitive, detailed, miniature studies, using acrylic on board.


Also viewed online are the larger scale recent and previous works, many of which derive inspiration from the smaller studies, aiming to embrace an engagement with the formal and material qualities of the landscape.

a painters  ethos


“Substances occupy the mind by invading it with thoughts of the artist’s body at work”. (2000, p.96)  


Conversations of the Configurational & Recognitional:


Paintings are like a recipe, they have techniques and truths, that remain constant. It is through the act of painting, that more is discovered, about how we can move to manipulate these traits and realise the consequences, this might produce visually.           


The process of painting for myself has become more like a chemistry lesson. I’m observing the cause and effect relationship between the oil paint and mediums, which all manufacture contrasting properties. No action will ever produce an exact matching outcome, leaving the opportunity for experimentation visually, continuous.  


The most recent paintings focus upon the practical painting process and allow the action of painting, to be at the forefront. With no preconceived narrative, allowing for a more organic and natural approach, with a braver attitude towards form, colour and composition.    

En Situ London Miniatures 2014-2015  

Nature These nature paintings depict an affinity for the natural landscape, developed from honing in upon the detail within. They begin the studio journey through the act of walking and mindfulness, concerning one’s surroundings. A narrative has been established through figuration, though the paint, as material, dictates the extent to which the character is revealed.  

© Daniel Goodchild 2020

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