The Merging of Water & Land 

A Merging of Water & Land 2014 (Oil on Canvas - 240cm by 120cm)


The Merging Of Water & Land was created after a period of wet weather swept its way across Lincolnshire. The nest day was slightly brighter and I had planned to create some on site paintings, for this particular day I was visiting the West Common area.


The scene in question caught my eye as I was searching for perspectives of intrigue. With this scene you had the woods in the background, with the sky above, the grassy fields further in the foreground and two puddles of water saturating the ground in the middle of the space. I simply thought that it had so many aspects open to the eye, many areas to transcribe, I thought that it would create a piece where your draw all over the painting, always becoming more inquisitive, the more you glance at it.

© Daniel Goodchild 2020

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