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PLEIN AIR Painting

An Abstraction of Foliage 2013
The Logs 2013
Following the Stream 2013
A Collection of Trees 2013
A Merging of Water & Land 2013
Lincolnshire Stream 2013
Stream 2013
Lincoln Fields of Gold 2013
Mr Horse 2013

En Situ In Lincoln 2013 

The production of a Landscape painting back in a studio environment has its roots traced back to an organic apprehension of the natural land. This encompasses a journeying to and an exploration of coastal and inland natural land.


The land as an encompassing entity is then translated from a phenomenological material, into something visually tangible, a visual form through the process of paint. The paintings are created using acrylic on a board, and each have dimensions of ten centimetres in length and seven centimetres in height.

Blue Elephant In the Natural 2013
The Coast 2013
Coastal Pathway 2013
The Marshes and Waters 2013
Searching out to Sea 2013
Skegness 2013
Beautiful Skegness 2013
Lone Beach Hut 2013
The Coastal Marshland 2013
Coastal Perspective 2013
Out To Sea 2013

En Situ In Skegness 2013 

The media allows for a large amount of miniatures to be gathered, with a quick drying time, there is a need to be more efficient, eliminating the extraneous variables and promoting aspects of the composition, which highlight the inherent beauty of the land.


The scale allows one to work quickly, though try and capture an extraordinary amount of narrative. It becomes a close engagement and unity with what is being experienced firsthand.

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